Hundred Reason – If I Could

Hundred ReasonsIf I Could.

Another beast of a song by Hundred Reasons, as superb (if not better) live.

I’d stay for ages, if I could. Onwards!

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British Soldiers’ Inventories 1066 – 2014

Soldier inventorySoldiers have always carried a lot of equipment and gear into battle, to help them deal damage, survive damage, and generally survive whilst out in the field.

Thom Atkinson has a collection of excellent photos of what British soldiers carried into battle in different eras, from the Battle of Hastings in 1066 all the way to modern warfare in 2014. It’s daunting seeing everything they had to carry. I like how each picture gives an indication of what that period was like. In 1066, soldiers wore heavy armour and cloth to protect themselves, and carried a shield and various close combat weapons. The only luxuries seem to be some dice and a spoon. 200 years later, the setup is much the same. 150 years after that, in 1415 at the Battle of Agincourt, you can see the typical gear setup of a British archer (still with dice and spoon).

Heavy foot infantry gear can be seen in the next photo, of a man-at-arms in 1485. That armour looks heavy, and the lack of vision is crazy. I guess it was pretty good at protecting you from blows though. Moving on 1588, and we can see the introduction of rifles and gunpowder. Dice and spoon are still present. In 1645, a full musketeer setup can be seen (including spoon and dice). 65 years beyond that, and the gear carried is much the same (although this particular outfit is a lot brighter).

Moving on 100 years to the Battle of Waterloo in 1815, and we start to see a lot more diversity in what soldiers carried. Each soldier became a lot more self-sufficient, carrying everything they needed to survive by themselves during war. 40 years after that, we see more camouflaged gear appearing, with the bright gaudy colours now a thing of the past.

World War One required soldiers to be equipped with a greater variety of tools, so we see the introduction of new things like the gas mask and spade. The Second World War brought with it the need for greater camouflage and better equipment, as shown in the image of the inventory of a lance corporal from a parachute brigade.

The penultimate image is of the gear of a Royal Marine Commando during the Falklands War in 1982. The amount of gear carried here is incredible, allowing the commando to survive for a long time. Standout extra items for me include the notepad, pens, camera, and maths gear, the extra ammo, and the walkie-talkie.

The final image shows what a modern day close support sapper of the Royal Engineers would be carrying. It’s a bewildering display of items, all camouflaged, and allowing the sapper to deal with all sorts of situations. They even have an iPad and spoon. No dice though (which last appeared in 1709 in these images).

Overall, it’s a fantastic display of items, ranging across a period of almost 1000 years. Warfare has changed so much in that time, but throughout the ages, every soldier has always carried a spoon. Onwards!

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Hurrah for great / depressing statistics! PHD Comics has a great comic about statistics (shown above), with the ultimate conclusion being that we’re doomed. Yay! In all seriousness, it’s actually quite scary looking at the facts, and seeing how people ignore them, or how low they are.

We really are doomed unless we act now and change the stats. Onwards.

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Jason Mraz – Back To The Earth (Live)

Jason Mraz – Back To The Earth (Live).

Featured on the recently finished 24 Hours of Reality, this Jason Mraz song is rather catchy. It’s got that whole four chords thing going on, but the additional vocals make up for it.

Website, Wiki.

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24 Hours Of Reality: 24 Reasons For Hope – Live Now!

24 Hours of Reality is live now. If you care about a better, cleaner future, tune in and check it out, and live to hope again.


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24 Hours Of Reality: 24 Reasons For Hope

Every movement has its moment. This is ours.

On September 16-17, Al Gore, chairman and founder of The Climate Reality Project, will share 24 reasons why he’s hopeful that we CAN solve the climate crisis. 

Want to watch? RSVP now, then invite your friends to join. 

The Climate Reality Project is bringing together some of the most influential voices in the climate movement to showcase the exciting progress happening all around the world in a global online broadcast, 24 Hours of Reality: 24 Reasons for Hope.

This daylong event will highlight the growing momentum for solutions to global warming, and kick off 12 months of concerted climate action worldwide. 

The entire event will be streamed live – free – for 24 hours straight at 

The reality is this: our climate is changing, and it’s changing fast. But all around us, there is hope. Across the planet, millions are demanding an end to carbon pollution — and our leaders are finally listening. The shift to a low-carbon economy is on and is accelerating by the day.

This isn’t some faraway future. The moment is here. 

It’s up to all of us to rally around the good news, to embrace the solutions, and help make sure that clean energy is our future. RSVP now, and let’s make progress our new reality.” (ClimateHope)

The Climate Reality Project is hugely important. Just like last year, they’re hosting a live 24-hour event on the 16th to the 17th of September. Al Gore will host it again, along with other people passionate about solving the climate crisis.

I know I’ll be tuning in, listening, learning, and promoting the 24 Hours of Reality. Will you? Onwards!

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Origami Robot

Using techniques inspired by the art of origami, a US-based team has built a robot that can fold itself into shape starting from a flat sheet.” (YouTube)

This is both amusing and awesome. It’s an origami robot that can fold itself in 4 minutes, using heat to get into shape (Nature).

Do watch to the end. Onwards!

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