The Axis Of Awesome – I Love Being A Cow

The Axis of AwesomeI Love Being a Cow.

Superbly brilliant song by the funny The Axis of Awesome. I love the tune to this track, and the lyrics and video special effects compliment it perfectly. Been listening to it on repeat since it got released.

Why am I a cow?! Onwards!

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RSA Shorts – What Do We Need to Know?

The remarkable mind that brought you QI, Blackadder and Spitting Image asks one of the world’s simplest but most significant questions – what do we really need to know? What should we teach our children, and what important information should all adults have at their disposal? Legendary producer John Lloyd turns his curiosity to knowledge itself, and questions whether intelligence is really all it’s cracked up to be.” (YouTube)

Interesting RSA Short about what we don’t know, and what do we really need to know? John Lloyd‘s answer for the thing that we should really know: kindness. Being nice to people matters. Onwards!

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The Potsdam Gravity Potato

Potsdam Gravity Potato

Why do some places on Earth have higher gravity than others? Sometimes the reason is unknown. To help better understand the Earth’s surface, sensitive measurments by the orbiting satellites GRACE and CHAMP were used to create a map of Earth’s gravitational field. Since a center for studying this data is in Potsdam, Germany, and since the result makes the Earth look somewhat like a potato, the resulting geoid has been referred to as the Potsdam Gravity Potato. High areas on this map, colored red, indicate areas where gravity is slightly stronger than usual, while in blue areas gravity is slightly weaker. Many bumps and valleys on the Potsdam Gravity Potato can be attributed to surface features, such as the North Mid-Atlantic Ridge and the Himalayan Mountains, but others cannot, and so might relate to unusually high or low sub-surface densities. Maps like this also help calibrate changes in the Earth’s surface including variable ocean currents and the melting of glaciers. The above map was made in 2005, but more recent and more sensitive gravity maps of Earth was produced in 2011.” (APOD)

Gravity potato! A perfectly normal way to describe the Earth. I posted a few years ago about potato Earth, and this is a similar version. The areas of strong (red) and weak (blue) gravity can clearly be seen. The effects of these changes in gravity on us are imperceptible, but it’s interesting to see it visualised nonetheless. Onwards!

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Daughter – Get Lucky (Joei Jo All Night Mix)

Daughter – Get Lucky (Joei Jo All Night Mix).

Website, Wiki.

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Periodic Table Of Elements

periodicTableAh, the periodic table. Loathed by all students having to learn it during chemistry lessons at school, but loved by many more people for the amount of information it can provide. As well as showing us all the elements we currently know, the periodic table can also appear as a thing of beauty.

Over at Google Research, they have a fantastic interactive periodic table of elements for you to play around with. Want to know which elements are predominately in the human body? Or which are present in the Earth’s crust (mainly oxygen and silicon)? Using the interactive periodic table, you can! It’s pretty cool to play around with.


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3D Optical Illusion Graffiti

3D GraffitiThe crazy optical illusion graffiti that Odeith creates is mind-bendingly amazing. The murals he creates are anamorphic illusions, appearing to come out of the wall. By painting the shadows and skewing the images in the correct way, the designs appear 3D in nature, literally popping out from the wall and hovering in space.

His entire collection is amazing to look at, and done so well that even if you understand how it was painted, it still fools you. That is the sign of a great optical illusion. Onwards!

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Flashed Face Distortion Effect

The flashed face distortion effect is a pretty cool and rather creepy optical illusion. If you show two ordinary faces side by side with a gap in between them, then rapidly change the images and stare at a cross in the centre, the faces morph into grotesque versions of themselves.

The research was done by Matthew Thompson, and he has put out two videos; one with just women, and one with male and female celebrities. The effect is the same in both; converting pretty faces to ugly ones.

A really interesting illusion. Onwards!

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