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The ESO Observatories: Atacama Transitions And Landscapes Under The Southern Sky

This is a simply superb piece of time lapse photography, taken by Christoph Malin. It is set at the ESO Observatories in the Atacama Desert, which is known for its super clear night skies. And what skies they are! It’s breathtaking seeing the … Continue reading

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Angels And Airwaves – The Adventure

Angels and Airwaves – The Adventure. An old song, but I heard it recently, and I actually rather like it. I liked it even more in my punk rock phase back when it was released, but it’s still a pretty … Continue reading

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How Animals Eat Their Food

Utterly silly, totally inaccurate, but downright hilarious. Do stay until the last animal! Moooo! Onwards!

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Grammar’s Great Divide: The Oxford Comma – TED-Ed

“If you read “Bob, a DJ and a clown” on a guest list, are three people coming to the party, or only one? That depends on whether you’re for or against the Oxford comma — perhaps the most hotly contested … Continue reading

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Hundred Reasons – Falter

Hundred Reasons – Falter. Beautiful song by Hundred Reasons, and one of the lighter songs on their first album Ideas Above Our Station. I love the way the song builds up and up, which also makes it amazing to listen to and … Continue reading

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Survival vs Mortality Rates

“Almost every time someone wants to proclaim the US to be the “best in the world” in health care, they point to survival rates. Those refer to the percent of people who live a certain amount of time after they’ve … Continue reading

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Zombies Vs. Wildlife

I’m in the process of (finally) watching Season 4 of The Walking Dead, and pretty much all I think about when I watch it is how inaccurate it is. Obviously, there are zombies, but that’s not what bothers me. It’s … Continue reading

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