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Elizaveta – Hero

Elizaveta – Hero. Stumbled across this track after hearing a remix of it (Pegboard Nerds, Monstercat Release), and I really like it. It’s a song that beats along, not letting up, with beautiful vocals and ethereal strings. Onwards! Website, Wiki.

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Dub FX Feat. Flower Fairy – Full Live Street Performance

Dub FX feat. Flower Fairy – Full Live Street Performance. I’m a big fan of Dub FX’s music (as I’ve mentioned before), and this live performance in Gent, Belgium is no exception. So many people there! It’s an excellent set, … Continue reading

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Melodysheep – Game Of Thrones Tribute Remix – The Dragon’s Daughter

Melodysheep – Game of Thrones Tribute Remix – The Dragon’s Daughter. Game of Thrones is returning for season 4 very soon, and to prepare you, here is a powerful remix by Melodysheep. This remix has an excellent beat, and manages … Continue reading

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Melodysheep – Mythbusters Remixed

Melodysheep – Mythbusters Remixed. Yet another awesome remix from Melodysheep. This time round, it’s a remix of Mythbusters! Replete with explosions, cars, rockets, and science; what more could you want? It’s time for science! Onwards!

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Let’s Boo Boo (World’s End Remix)

Let’s Boo Boo (World’s End Remix) is a frankly brilliant mashup of the film The World’s End. Love the tune, the way it’s mashed together, and the chorus. So well done. If you want to see a couple of other … Continue reading

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Human Jukebox – 80s vs 90s vs 00s

Human Jukebox – 80s vs 90s vs 00s. Benny creates another wonderful mashup of songs, which is really rather listenable! There are some songs in there which I prefer over the original. Onwards!

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Melodysheep – Old Spice / Terry Crews Remix – The Power Of Music

Melodysheep – Old Spice / Terry Crews Remix – The Power Of Music. Another brilliant Melodysheep remix, this time of the Old Spice adverts featuring Terry Crews. The power of music really is powerful. I’ll blow your mind right in … Continue reading

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