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Spiders & Insects Eating Each Other

The insect world is a weird, wonderful, and wildly violent place to exist in. Spiders and insects use a variety of different methods to eat each other, and photographer Nicky Bay has captured many of these in some truly excellent … Continue reading

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Age Of Buildings In Map Form

Question: What can you produce when you are curious about the age of buildings in your neighbourhood? Answer: Absolutely stunning maps (Wired). That is precisely what Justin Palmer did after he found a dataset containing the age of all the buildings … Continue reading

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1190: Time

I’m a big fan of the xkcd webcomics, and the creator behind them, Randall Munroe, outdid himself with an ambitious project simple entitled “Time“. It started out as a simple image, of a stick man and woman sitting together on the … Continue reading

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Films Laid Out As Vintage Treasure Maps

Andrew DeGraff has created some brilliantly detailed maps showing the journey characters take and the locations they visit in some great classic adventure films. Over at Wired, they have a collection of nine of the maps, including the one above. … Continue reading

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Direct Imaging Of Covalent Bond Structure

“For the first time, scientists have visually captured a molecule at single-atom resolution in the act of rearranging its bonds. The images look startlingly similar to the stick diagrams in chemistry textbooks.” (Wired) These new images (published in Science) of … Continue reading

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Wired Space Photo Of The Day

Wired are running a brilliant Space Photo of the Day series. Similar to Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD), Wired’s version has a fantastic picture coupled with an explanation of what you’re seeing. Keep it bookmarked, and check out a … Continue reading

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Vivid Snakes

Are you afraid of snakes? If so, probably best if you don’t head over to Wired and see a gallery of awesomely vivid snakes, like the lovely Sri Lankan palm viper we have on the left here. All the images … Continue reading

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Projector Snow

Projector Snow is a wonderful idea by Brian Maffitt, whereby he projected a film onto the falling snow during a blizzard, and recorded the results. The end product is something quite mesmerising. More pictures and details can be found over at … Continue reading

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Weekly Ramblings – Black Death Albums Ninja Universe

A random Weekly Ramblings this week, full of old (though interesting) news that I never got round to posting about at the time. First up, ninjas! Sort of. Over at Wired Science Blogs, they have the an article on the … Continue reading

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Bilbo’s Contract In The Hobbit

Now that the great film The Hobbit has been released, I’m sure many of you are wondering just what was written in that lengthy contract given to Bilbo. Perhaps you weren’t wondering at all, but are now? Well, wonder no … Continue reading

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