Rotating Rooms & Zero Gravity

The zero-gravity hallway fight scenes were achieved by using “…massive, rotating sets that twisted and turned and forced Gordon-Levitt to manoeuvre with utmost caution. Five-hundred crew members were involved in the scene, which took a full three weeks to complete.” The sets were built in a London airplane hangar, including a horizontal hallway that rotated 360 degrees, a vertical one and a set with steel trolleys to which the actors were attached by wires (later erased using visual effects).” (YouTube)

Following on from yesterday’s OK Go video with the rotating room, we have a video explaining how it was done in the film Inception. Basically, a massive rotating room and lots of people and practice. It’s a stunning practical effect that is amazing to watch over and over again. Even knowing how it is accomplished doesn’t make it any less impressive; in fact, I’d say it’s even more impressive knowing that it’s not just CGI.

Makes me really want to watch the film again. Onwards!

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OK Go – Red Star Macalline Commercial

A fantastic commercial OK Go did for the Chinese furniture store Red Star Macalline. It’s a combination of the visuals of their music video for “The Writing’s On The Wall” coupled with a remix of their song “I Won’t Let You Down“. I especially like the middle part with the rotating room, making it appear as if gravity is shifting. Reminds me of the fight scene in Inception.


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Journey To The Centre Of The Earth

scientist1How far would you have to travel to reach the Earth’s core? And what would you see along the way? Discover what lies beneath…” (BBC)

BBC Future has a great feature on the journey to the centre of the Earth, along with all the creatures and odd things you’ll encounter along the way, both through the Earth and the ocean.

Did you know the Channel Tunnel is deeper than the deepest metro station? And yet no where near as deep as the deepest railway tunnel? The deepest dive by a blue whale is 500 metres, only just beaten by an Emperor Penguin at 535m. There are potential giant squids at 900m below sea level. The average depth of the Grand Canyon is 1610m. Apparently there’s a laboratory located at a depth of 2,500m, the Jinping Underground Laboratory in China. After 4,000m, you enter the Abyss, which gives way to the Trench zone at 6,000m. 11,000m is where the underwater section disappears, being as it is the deepest point on Earth, the Mariana Trench at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. After a loooooong distance down, you reach the Inner Core at 4,14,0000m. After another 2.23 million metres, you finally reach the searing weightlessness of the centre of the Earth.

Toasty. Onwards!

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Melodysheep – Game Of Thrones Remixed (Season 2) – Save Our Sons

MelodysheepGame of Thrones Remixed (Season 2) – Save Our Sons.

Almost bang on a year since Melodysheep’s first Game of Thrones remix comes his second one, this time a song of war and freedom in three parts. I find with his songs, that the more you listen to them, the better they get. This remix is no exception. I’ve listened to it a few times, and now can’t stop having it on repeat!

Save our sons. Onwards!

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Wonderful short animation by Junaid Chundrigar of Marvel superheroes just having a bad day, like we all do from time to time. Poor Spider-Man seems to bear the brunt of the bad luck!

I love Loki’s “Ha!”. Onwards!

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Throwback Thursday #11 – Brighton

After last week‘s interruption by a solar eclipse, Throwback Thursday resumes! Today is all about Brighton. I spent eight years down in Brighton doing my undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, and I really love the city, the atmosphere, and the restaurant Pompoko. As is usual for a Throwback Thursday, this post will contain videos and articles of Brighton that I found interesting at the time, but never got round to mentioning.

First up is the video above, which gives a great insight into what Brighton is like. Created by the youngster Caleb Yule, it’s a combination of time lapse and tilt shift photography, and really brings the summer of Brighton to life in a unique way.

Whenever there is sunny weather, street parties are bound to happen, and Brighton does these well. For instance, how about the Muppets rocking out Brighton to the sounds of Dance Yrself Clean by LCD Soundsystem? 

To get the perspective of some visitors to Brighton, you can’t go far wrong with experiencing the atmosphere of it with “A wonderful day in Brighton” by Florian Runge. 

I love how they do typical tourist things, which are still awesome things to do, like walking along the beach, visiting Brighton Pier, playing the slot machines, watching the huge seagulls, and experiencing a zombie outbreak.

Wait, what? That’s right, Brighton has done some fantastic zombie marches in the past, and I’ve even participated in one, which was great fun! Zombies are quite a thing in popular culture (in part thanks to The Walking Dead), so it’s hardly surprising that people enjoy dressing up (dressing down?) and pretending to be a zombie for a day.

As well as being very modern, Brighton has a lot of history. The Tower of Dreams BN2 is a perfect example of using modern projection technology to show off the history of the Pepperpot Tower in Brighton. It’s really rather well done.

That’s it for now! Lots of lovely videos of Brighton, coupled with zombies. What more could you want? Braaaaaaaiiiins! Onwards!

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Frank Turner And The Sleeping Souls – London O2 Arena 2014 (Full Show)

Our show at the O2 Arena in London on 12th February 2014. This is the output from the screens for that night (hence the low resolution) with multitrack audio mixed by me after the fact. It was an exciting and big show for us. Hope you enjoy it.” (YouTube)

I unfortunately didn’t manage to go to this gig, but it looks like everyone had an amazing time. Frank Turner has a plethora of fantastic songs, and he played some of the best ones here. There is so much energy and passion involved, it’s infectious. I love the mix of songs, from acoustic to full on punk. A great mix from a great artist. Onwards!

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