The Importance Of The Oxford Comma

Importance of Oxford Comma

This poem on the importance of the Oxford comma is fantastic. Created by Brian Bilston. When making lists of three or more, use the Oxford comma! Onwards!

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20 Mathematicians Who Changed The World

alan-turingMathematicians don’t get enough credit for how much they have changed the world. Literally everything we do in the modern world is the result of one mathematician or the other.

Over at Business Insider, they have a great list of 20 mathematicians who changed the world. The earliest member on the list is Euclid of Alexandria, an ancient Greek mathematician, who was among the first to formalise mathematical proofs. If you studied maths at school, you will undoubtedly recognise a few of the other names, namely Newton and Pascal. The recent film The Imitation Game was all about the World War 2 codebreaker Alan Turing, the father of modern computing. Also on the list are several statisticians, as well as others involved in the development of computers and computer programmes.

It’s really interesting reading about these famous mathematicians you probably haven’t heard of, and it’s great to highlight their importance to the modern world. Onwards!

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A Capella Science – Puffed Up Cores!

A Capella Science – Puffed Up Cores!

Love it! Great video, great effects (including a power drunk black hole), great tune. The chorus is so well done.

All the other stars with their puffed up cores, they better run, better run, outrun my pull! Onwards!

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SDCC 2015 – Suicide Squad

SDCC 2015 trailer for Suicide Squad, a film set in DC Comics’ cinematic universe. I only know about the Suicide Squad from watching Arrow, as they occasionally feature in that. If you haven’t heard of them before, Polygon has a good primer on who each member is. Unfortunately, Arrow and The Flash don’t seem to be a part of DC Comics’ cinematic universe (yet), so the way the Suicide Squad is formed in them will be different, as are all the actors. I’m intrigued by it though, perhaps even more so than Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and despite being totally indifferent to Jared Leto’s the Joker, it’ll be interesting to see how it plays out.

The joke is on me. Onwards!

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SDCC 2015 – Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice

New SDCC 2015 trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. It looks… destruction-y. Just like Man of Steel, there appears to be an awful lot of things getting destroyed here. I know DC Comics is going for a much more gritty and “realistic” superhero franchise (compared to Marvel), which is good in its own way, but I’m still not entirely convinced by this film. I’ll undoubtedly go and see it, but will wait for reviews first. I just feel that too much is being crammed into one film, what with the introduction of Batman and how he came to be, the introduction of Wonder Woman and Aquaman, the introduction of Lex Luther…

Warner Bros. Pictures seem to be creating this franchise the opposite way to how Marvel did it. In Marvel’s case, they started with a great film (Iron Man), then went on to introduce other superheroes in their own films (Captain America, Thor, Hulk), then brought them all together in The Avengers Assemble. From then on, each individual superhero’s film has had crossovers with other films, creating a wonderful, cohesive, believable cinematic universe. It makes sense to do it this way, building up each character slowly and allowing the audience to get to grips with them, before bringing them all together as The Avengers. Marvel have even got their own successful TV show in Agents of S.H.I.EL.D., which occasionally guest stars the big names from the movies.

Now in Warner Bros. Pictures and DC Comics’ sake, they’ve done the opposite. We’ve already had one Superman film (Man of Steel), which makes no reference at all to the rest of the DC universe. Now, we’re having the “big” film (The Avengers equivalent), Batman v Superman, and they have to introduce all these new characters into the franchise in one bloated film. DC Comics have successfully created two great TV shows (Arrow and The Flash) which crossover brilliantly and have been running for several seasons, so they know how to do crossovers in TV at least.

I just hope that Dawn of Justice gets the justice it deserves, and is actually a good film, leading to the spawning of further DC comics films. If they can tie together Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow into the films as well, that would be epic.

The red capes are coming. Onwards!

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A Capella Science – All About That Base (No Acid)

A Capella Science – All About That Base (No Acid).

These A Capella Science videos are too good not to share. This time, Tim Blais has created a chemistry parody of All About That Bass, and it’s amazing. I ain’t no science fool.

#RealWomenHaveTitrationCurves. Onwards!

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SDCC 2015 – Fantastic Four

The FANTASTIC FOUR, a contemporary re-imagining of Marvel’s original and longest-running superhero team, centers on four young outsiders who teleport to an alternate and dangerous universe, which alters their physical form in shocking ways. Their lives irrevocably upended, the team must learn to harness their new abilities and work together to save Earth from a former friend turned enemy.” (YouTube)

SDCC 2015 trailer for Fantastic Four. This looks pretty cool. It’s a reboot, with a much younger cast. I liked the first set of films, despite how cheesy they were in places, and this film looks a bit more serious and grounded than them. It’s unfortunate that the Fantastic Four won’t be showing up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, due to the rights being owned by 20th Century Fox, as it would be cool to see them help out the Avengers. Maybe if this film does really badly, then 20th Century Fox will sell the rights to Marvel?

Together, we can change the course of history. Onwards!

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