Hell’s Club

There is a place where fictional characters meet. Outside of time. Outside of all logic. This place is known as… Hell’s Club.” (YouTube)

Hell’s Club is a phenomenal piece of editing, seamlessly editing together a plethora of famous films and actors (from different stages of their careers) to make them all appear in the same club. There’s even a plot to the whole episode. The music only enhances everything, and the choice of the tunes fits so well with the story. How many films and actors do you recognise? Even after multiple viewings, I’m seeing new things.

This has instantly become my favourite mashup of all time. Onwards!

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Daredevil: ‘Behind The Visual Effects’

This is a really interesting behind the scenes video (watch on Vimeo, as it doesn’t want to play here) showing how subtle and effective the visual effects are in the excellent Marvel / Netflix show Daredevil, which I highly recommend people watch. (Slight warning: it’s rather bloody).

These types of supporting visual effects are my favourite type. They are the effects that you don’t really notice, yet greatly enhance the show. It’s actually quite impressive what is CGI and what isn’t, and I know that whilst watching the show, followed by watching this behind the scenes video, that many of the effects that they worked on I didn’t realise at the time were visual effects. That’s the beauty of the work that Shade VFX have done.


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Beethoven Symphony No.9 – Ode an die Freude (Ode To Joy) Flashmob

Beethoven Symphony No.9 – Ode an die Freude (Ode To Joy) Flashmob.

This is a great flashmob idea, and must have been really special for everyone who witnessed it. Ode To Joy is a beautiful and powerful piece of music, and the spontaneity and joy of this event is easy to see.

Wonderful performance. Onwards!

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Assassin’s Creed Syndicate – London Horizon Trailer

From Whitechapel to Westminster. From the City of London to Southwark. Immerse yourself in the most diverse playground of the franchise. Discover the Assassin’s Creed Syndicate massive living open-world in the London Horizon trailer.” (YouTube)

I really like this trailer for Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. It’s purely a background / environment trailer, with no actual fighting in it at all. They’ve cleverly concealed the main characters (Evie and Jacob Frye) within the frames, but have made them take a backstage to the main locations. I really like it when they speed up the action, almost making it appear tilt-shift like.

London appears beautiful, despite the copious amounts of pollution at the time. And as always, the music fits the trailer wonderfully. Onwards!

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10 Breathtaking Night Skies

La PalmaOver at BBC Earth, they have a collection of 10 stunning night skies on Earth. These photographs show how breathtaking the cosmos above us is, especially the sweeping Milky Way.

My favourite image of the bunch is the one shown left (Babak Tafreshi / Science Photo Library), showing the Milky Way shining spectacularly over La Palma in the Canary Islands. Above the clouds, with no light pollution, the heavens reveal themselves in phenomenal detail.

Which is your favourite image? Have you managed to see the Milky Way in all its glory? Onwards!

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Postmodern Jukebox – Hey There Delilah

Postmodern JukeboxHey There Delilah.

Yet again, Postmodern Jukebox manage to transform an originally sad and fairly monotonous song into something upbeat and fun. Joey Cook is perfect for this, and I love the instrument composition, with the banjo, accordion, and ukulele.

Love it! Onwards!

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Why It’s Impossible To Pull Apart Interleaved Phone Books

People, trucks and even military tanks have tried and failed the task of pulling apart two phone books lying face up with their pages interleaved, like a shuffled deck of cards. While physicists have long known that this must be due to enormous frictional forces, exactly how these forces are generated has been an enigma – until now.” (The Conversation)

So begins the article over at The Conversation, explaining why it’s impossible to pull apart interleaved phone books. It’s a fascinating read, and it’s all to do with friction. In short: the harder you pull, the closer the pages move to each other, and the greater the friction between them.

The article includes two videos, one of which is shown above. It shows just how difficult it is to pull apart the phone books, even with heavy machinery.

Really interesting stuff. Onwards!

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