Holiday For A Week

I’m going on holiday for a week, so things will be quiet here until I get back.

Ciao! Onwards!

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Ill Factor – Champion Sound

Ill Factor – Champion Sound.

Music from the Assassin’s Creed Syndicate trailer. One thing you can’t fault Ubisoft on is the choice of music for their trailers. They introduced me to Willy Moon and Lorde, and now to Ill Factor.


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‘Less’ Or ‘fewer’?

I’ve posted before about Less Versus Fewer, but I thought I’d pop this video here for those of you who don’t like reading… you crazy people you. Once you’ve watched the video, take the quiz to see if you really understand the difference.

I’m sure you’ll make fewer mistakes in the future! Onwards!

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DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow Trailer

Time-travelling rogue Rip Hunter must assemble a disparate group of both heroes and villains to confront an unstoppable threat to the planet…and to time itself.” (YouTube)

This first look trailer for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow looks fantastic. I’m a fan of The Flash and Arrow, and even more so during the crossovers between them. Legends of Tomorrow appears to carry on in the same great way.

I’m looking forward to it! Onwards!

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Jetman Dubai : Young Feathers

How far would you go to pursue a dream? For Jetman Yves Rossy and his protege, Jetman Vince Reffet, their dream is to fly, and they have succeeded, in an exhilarating way. To be able to fly with the freedom they have must be incredible to experience. The views of Dubai at that height look amazing.

Fun and freedom. Beautiful. Onwards!

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Frank Turner – The Opening Act Of Spring (Live)

Frank TurnerThe Opening Act Of Spring (Live).

The second song Frank Turner has previewed for his forthcoming album, Positive Songs For Negative People. Just like Get Better, this is an uplifting and emotional song.

It was never my intention to hurt you. Onwards!

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Birth Of A Book

A short vignette of a book being created using traditional printing methods.” (Vimeo)

It’s rather fascinating seeing a book being born the old fashioned way. A solid production line of machines and workers working in harmony, each knowing the job they have to perform. I can imagine it would be very noisy working in that place, and the smell of oil, glue, and freshly printed paper must pervade the entire factory.

Beautiful to behold. Onwards!

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