Royal Institution Advent Calendar 2015 – A Place Called Space

RI Advent

I really enjoy the yearly The Royal Institution advent calendars. They each have a theme, and for each day up until Christmas, they post an image or video or text concerning that theme. 2012 was all about the elements in the Periodic Table, whilst 2013 covered the 23 pairs of human chromosomes.

This year, they’re taking us to a place called space. It’s all very exciting. Onwards!

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Aurora Over Clouds


Auroras usually occur high above the clouds. The auroral glow is created when fast-moving particles ejected from the Sun impact the Earth’s magnetosphere, from which charged particles spiral along the Earth’s magnetic field to strike atoms and molecules high in the Earth’s atmosphere. An oxygen atom, for example, will glow in the green light commonly emitted by an aurora after being energized by such a collision. The lowest part of an aurora will typically occur at 100 kilometers up, while most clouds usually exist only below about 10 kilometers. The relative heights of clouds and auroras are shown clearly in the featured picture from Dyrholaey, Iceland. There, a determined astrophotographer withstood high winds and initially overcast skies in an attempt to capture aurora over a picturesque lighthouse, only to take, by chance, the featured picture along the way.” (APOD)

Stunning shot of an aurora over clouds. I love how alien it appears, and also how smooth yet fuzzy the clouds are. Onwards!

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Incubus – Are You In?

IncubusAre You In?

Very odd video, but a great, funky song. I love the bass line in it. Onwards!

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xkcd – Hoverboard


You can’t help but love xkcd. Most of the time, the author Randall Munroe draws single, one-off images. Occasionally, he goes all out and creates truly wonderful comics. A few previous examples include Time, Pixels, and Click and Drag.

This time, to celebrate the launch of his latest book “Thing Explainer“, Randall has created a comic strip titled “Hoverboard“. It’s an interactive game where you have to collect yellow coins and deposit them into the machine in the quickest time possible. Like a transformer though… there’s more to this than meets the eye. A LOT more. I shan’t spoil it for you here, but for an explanation of the comic and all that it entails, head over here.

What news of the world above? Onwards!

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Captain America: Civil War Trailer

Oh. My. Goodness. Without any foreshadowing, Marvel drop the Captain America: Civil War trailer, and it is gloriously epic. There is so much hinted at, and so many questions that it raises, that it makes you wish May 6th could come sooner. The Civil War comics are some of the very few I own, I love the story of them. The basic premise was to do with the Superhero Registration Act, which would force all superheroes to be registered, and act like a Governmental law enforcement, rather than going solo or in teams. The film coming out next year deviates a little from this, and is about superheroes being held accountable for their actions.

Will it be the best Marvel film to date? This trailer certainly lives up to that hype. Onwards!

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Hundred Reasons – The Perfect Gift

Hundred ReasonsThe Perfect Gift.

A blast from my post-hardcore past. Hundred Reasons still sound amazing after all these years. Your songs will be breaking all hearts again. Onwards!

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The Cluelessness Of Cameron

CameronIf you live in the UK, you must by now know how awful our government is, and how utterly clueless our Prime Minister is.

If you don’t know, read this (The Guardian). George Monbiot outlines how out of touch David Cameron is with what his policies and cuts are actually doing. Unless you’re in the top rich 1% living in the UK, or you’re one of Cameron’s chums, you’re pretty much screwed. The sad thing is, Cameron is totally unaware of how damaging his policies are, because they don’t personally affect him.

It’s a depressing time we live in. Onwards?

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