Vintage Nasa Photographs

EarthriseA few days ago, several vintage NASA photographs went up for grabs at auction. These images were some of the first taken in space, and include photographs of the Earth, on the moon, and of the astronauts themselves.

The BBC have a collection of some of the best looking ones, and the full collection can be found over at Dreweatts & Bloomsbury Auctions‘ website. Some were unsold, but most fetched a few hundred pounds, with a few (including the one shown here) reaching several thousand pounds. All rather cool. Onwards!

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Simon And Garfunkel – The Sound Of Silence

Simon and Garfunkel – The Sound of Silence.

I think nearly everyone knows this song, and for good reason. It’s beautiful, poetic, and instantly memorable with those first lines, “Hello darkness, my old friend“. Onwards!

Website, Wiki.

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Tempest Vermilion

Vermilion Cliffs National Monument in Arizona hosts some of the most unique landscapes on the planet, from the red iron oxide cliffs of its namesake, to the Jurassic-era petrified sandstone of White Pocket. This area features what some have described as “brain rocks” and “cauliflower rocks,” possibly formed through earthquakes after the landscape was lithified from sand into rock. White Pocket sees very few visitors, due to an hour-long drive by strenuous sand roads often impassable due to rain and snow.” (Vimeo)

Stunningly beautiful time lapse video by Sunchaser Pictures. Gorgeous scenery, the magical Milky Way, and a powerful tempest all combine together into a thrilling piece of art.

Wonderful stuff. Onwards!

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Throwback Thursday #8

Happy BuildingWe’ve had a couple of themed Throwback Thursdays recently, so this one is more random. It’ll contain several links to pretty awesome pictures.

First up, buildings! Or rather, the whimsical street art of Nomerz (Colossal). This guy has painted faces onto buildings, using the natural design and shape of the building to guide his hand. I love the happy tower shown here.

Some buildings are purpose built as bookshops. Some bookshops are more stunning than others, and Flavorwire have a collection of the 20 most beautiful bookshops in the world. There are some really unique stores out there!

Near by bookshops, you often have poles and boards upon which you can stick flyers. Most flyers are useful; some are not (Mental Floss). These 12 flyers are utterly pointless, but wonderful to observe nonetheless.

Finally, we come to some seriously impressive photographs. Pxleyes have collected together 50 photos that will blow you away, and they’re not wrong. The majority of them are to do with nature and our natural environment, and they’re stunning to look at.

There we have it, pictures pictures everywhere. Onwards!

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Rise Against – Prayer Of The Refugee

Rise AgainstPrayer of the Refugee.

I can stand my own ground. Onwards!

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Marilyn vos Savant And The Monty Hall Problem

The Monty Hall Problem is a fascinating piece of mathematics and probability. The above video by Numberphile gives a great, in-depth, mathematical explanation of how it works, and they also have a few other videos on the problem. For a bit of history on it, as well as how and when everyone “corrected” the world’s smartest woman, Marilyn vos Savant, head over to Priceonomics. It’s an engrossing read, clearly explaining the Monty Hall Problem, and showing how much controversy it provoked. I love the fact that, despite knowing the correct answer, probability problems still appear odd to us.

If you ever come across this, remember: always switch doors. Onwards!

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The Science Of Anti-Vaccination

Fewer children in the United States are getting vaccinated. That’s bad news for those kids, and also for public health in general. Often, the response is to argue and debate and get angry at people who are we see as making terrible, irrational decisions. Instead of doing that, let’s use science to understand why this is happening in the first place.” (YouTube)

This is an excellent video about the science of anti-vaccination. It covers many topics to do with why people think vaccinations cause autism, including cognitive bias, negativity bias, explanatory attribution, confirmation bias, omission bias, naturalness bias, and risk perception.

All of these factors lead people to not vaccinating their kids. This is not a science problem (vaccines work), it’s a human problem. Onwards!

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