Statistically How To Write A Heart Curve

Valentine’s Day. Great for couples, lame for singles, awesome for geeky people!

Here is a small selection of things that made me chuckle, and hopefully will do the same for you.

First off, we have the wonderful Heart Curves! Now, i have no idea about all the equations and such, so will not even attempt to explain them, but the pictures amuse me (click on the image, or the link above, for a clearer picture!), and it shows that mathematics has a heart!

Secondly, we’ve got this wonderful song by Helen Arney, entitled “Statistically, I Love You“. Funny, catchy, and geeky; a perfect combination!

Finally, we have The Axis Of Awesome, and they teach everyone How To Write A Love Song. Brilliant stuff. Check out the rest of their songs as well, and fall in love with them.

Enjoy this lovely commercial day… Onwards!

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2 Responses to Statistically How To Write A Heart Curve

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