Has The Large Hadron Collider Destroyed The Earth Yet?

Many people seem worried that the Large Hadron Collider will create a black hole that will swallow up the Earth.

If you are worried about this, here is a useful website to keep you up to date on whether the Earth has been destroyed or not:

Has the LHC Destroyed the Earth yet?

Informative stuff. Onwards!

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15 Responses to Has The Large Hadron Collider Destroyed The Earth Yet?

  1. J says:

    Amusing, and true.

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  4. Markus O Negative (R.I.P. Peter 4/14/10) says:

    The earth isn’t destroyed yet? OH, wait….I forgot, I’m from a dimension where the earth is not only destroyed by being set aflame by the LARGEST multiple man-made lit fart in human history (eighty five trillion, six million and two people lighting their farts simultaneously), only to be miraculously reformed by cosmic sea monkeys, and then be told the glue, wet toilet paper and bubble gum that they used to fix the earth won’t last much longer….

    ….but that is based on a rumor….

  5. ben says:

    how long would it take for the hole to turn critical, if one was created

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  7. Nerdy says:

    “Nature forms black holes when certain stars, much larger than our Sun, collapse on themselves at the end of their lives. They concentrate a very large amount of matter in a very small space. Speculations about microscopic black holes at the LHC refer to particles produced in the collisions of pairs of protons, each of which has an energy comparable to that of a mosquito in flight. Astronomical black holes are much heavier than anything that could be produced at the LHC.

    According to the well-established properties of gravity, described by Einstein’s relativity, it is impossible for microscopic black holes to be produced at the LHC. There are, however, some speculative theories that predict the production of such particles at the LHC. All these theories predict that these particles would disintegrate immediately. Black holes, therefore, would have no time to start accreting matter and to cause macroscopic effects.”


    • Space says:

      FALSE! Black holes are created by the LHC but are so small and so week they disinigrate in billionths of a second, and have no chance of getting bigger

      • Hello says:

        That is what he said. They would be created but disintigrate too fast to have macroscopic effects.

  8. brendoz says:

    You say ” has the LHC destroyed the earth yet” YET been the operative word. They are still doing upgrades on it. And even Nosteradumus from France tells “everyone in Geneva get out as the RAYPOZ will destroy everything in its path” so it might not destroy the whole earth but it might take out a couple of countries ( is Switzerland and France). Also Carl Jung the renouned Swiss dream psyco-analyst,had many of the same vivid visions while awake of vast stretches of land decimated by fire – he concluded nuclear war- but I think him being from Switzerland it was a prophesy of the LHC creating a big bang much larger than the scientists at CERN were hoping to create

  9. brendoz says:

    The big bang they create will be bigger than the scientists were expecting it to be and it will make a nuclear bomb blast seem like a fire cracker and your picture at the top of this page of half of the earth on fire will be a very accurate representation of the event.

  10. Big Bang Penny says:

    Brendoz… fool… cite your evidence or go back home to your slime pit.

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