Long Exposure Airplane Takeoffs

I recently came across some fantastic photos of long exposure shots of airplanes taking off, which can be found here. I’m really impressed by the way that they seem to form runways into the sky. For some of them, it looks like you could almost just walk up the light path and follow the plane upwards.

Long exposure involves using a long- duration shutter speed, allowing more light into the camera, and therefore more data. When a moving object is captured in this way (especially a light source), it creates a streak-like effect, as seen in the image above. Other amazing photos can be easily found using some sort of internet search, but for a quick link to some stunning images, try here.

Follow the light. Onwards!

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2 Responses to Long Exposure Airplane Takeoffs

  1. Ankur Bhargava says:

    love it. The guy who got this shot was extremely lucky to be allowed to take this, taking into account security matters. I was not prepared for this awesomeness

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