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Ugress – Decepticons

Ugress – Decepticons. Following on from the Transformers post yesterday, here’s a great song about the Decepticons and Autobots. Ugress can be considered as cinematic electronica, which makes perfect sense when you listen to a few of his songs. Well … Continue reading

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Transforming Technology

The orginal transforming car, done around 5 years ago. Without this ad, the Transformers films might not have become reality. I remember this ad coming on TV, being amazed by it, and knowing there and then that a Transformers film … Continue reading

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Lightning Eclipse from the Planet of the Goats

Absolutely stunning picture of the June 15th lunar eclipse, shot from the Greek island of Ikaria at Pezi. The title of the picture is amazing as well, with the explanation provided on the APOD site. There are a few other … Continue reading

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Slow Motion Cymbal

This is an incredible video of what happens to a cymbal when it is hit by a drummer, filmed at 1000 frames per second. It’s amazing how flexible cymbals are, and how much they bend and vibrate. They seem to … Continue reading

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Inside a Baby’s Reality

Absolutely fantastic comic strip from Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. I love the many layers of humour found in it, and it makes me chuckle every time I think of a baby actually pondering this! Peek-a-boo! Onwards!

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Outside Aperture

Excellent short film based on Portal, and an imagination of what happened to Chell immediately after the ending of the first Portal game. Answer? Cake! It is no longer a lie! Every time I play Portal, or see a video … Continue reading

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Newsnight: Faith Healers

Newsnight report on faith healers. Reports like this actually make me angry. How and why do people believe in quackery like faith healing?? Ignorant, damaging, dangerous, and downright irresponsible, not to mention criminal. People need to be better educated, and … Continue reading

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Nerdsong – The Particle Zoo

Nerdsong – The Particle Zoo. Fantastic educational / geeky song about physics and the particle zoo. I adore random songs like this, which are very simple, and yet can convey science in a fun way. The SciCast website is well … Continue reading

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Very random video of a whole list (25727, to be precise) of passwords, zipping by at one per frame. Weirdly mesmorising, actually, and amusing to see how often certain passwords appear in the list! Definitely makes you reconsider which passwords … Continue reading

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Solve Puzzles for Science – Foldit

Foldit – Solve Puzzles for Science. How awesome a tagline is that? Sounds very Portal-esque too, which is only a good thing. The basic premise of the game is to fold proteins into their most efficient shape. This involves making … Continue reading

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