Frank Turner

Insightful documentary about the phenomenal Frank Turner. He is one of my favourite musical artists of all time, and his songs are so sublimely brilliant that I urge everyone who hasn’t heard of him to listen to his tracks. Raw, powerful, emotional, stirring… just a few words to describe his music. His attitude to work and music is one to admire, and one that is lacking in most musicians. As amazing as his songs are though, it is his live performances which truly shine, whether solo or with his band, The Sleeping Souls.


If you get a chance to listen to him live, go for it. Sing, dance, and rock ‘n’ roll! Onwards!

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5 Responses to Frank Turner

  1. musingsofamusiclover says:

    I just heard of Frank Turner a couple of months ago, and I think he’s great. “I Am Disappeared” is gorgeous.

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