Burzynski Clinic Quackery

Quackery appears in many forms, such as homeopathy, and although it is often amusing to see, it can be very dangerous. Take for example the recent Burzynski Clinic quackery that is currently going on.

A few days ago, The Observer published a moving article about a 4-year-old girl, Billie Bainbridge, who has an inoperable brain tumour, and how her family are running a fundraising campaign to help her go to this Burzynski Clinic to get ‘pioneering’ new cancer treatment.

Only… it’s not pioneering treatment. It’s quackery. And people who are bringing this to light are being threatened with libel. I highly recommend reading both articles, and to see the disgraceful way the Burzynski Clinic is treating those who dare question it’s integrity.

It’s sad and heartbreaking to see a young girl (or indeed anyone) with cancer, and amazing the amount of goodwill and help people are willing to provide. But when you get quacks preying upon those most in need, that truly is the lowest of the low.

Here’s hoping sense prevails. Onwards!

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