Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy has hit the eastern coast of the USA, and it is one beast of a superstorm.

Over at The Atlantic, they have a collection of some amazing photographs of Hurricane Sandy, both at ground level and from space. The amount of damage it has already caused is immense, and the toll is only going to increase.

Here are some links for those curious for more information:

Live updates from the BBC, as well as videos on why Hurricane Sandy caused so much damage, how it is the largest storm recorded in the Atlantic, and how New York has been classified as a major disaster area.

Live updates from The Guardian.

Over at Quartz, they have a succinct article on how global warming helped transformed Sandy from a hurricane into a Frankenstorm.

Having both relatives and friends in New York, my best wishes go out to them, and I hope they’ve taken the correct precautions to stay safe!

Here’s hoping Hurricane Sandy dissipates soon. Onwards!

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