Weekly Ramblings – Unexpected DNA Inheritance Maps Elected

It’s that time of the week again! We’ll be going from the small to the large today.

With that in mind, first up is a new BBC science series presented by Dara O Briain, called Science Club. Only one episode has been aired so far, and it is all about reproduction and inheritance. If you can watch it, I recommend it!

Stepping up a scale from DNA, scientists have captured detailed 3D scans of 305-million-year-old juvenile insects (Nature). One of them (the insect, not the scientists) looks like a cockroach, which is pretty cool.

Do you ever listen to the safety instructions when you fly somewhere? The more you fly, the more you ignore them, I find. However, I’m pretty sure if I flew on Air New Zealand, I’d pay a lot more attention, during an unexpected briefing 

For the final two points, we head over to America and congratulate Obama on his victory (thank goodness; Romney scared me). I’ve often been a little confused by the election maps, and how it seems that, despite being predominately red (republican), the blues (democrats) won. Over at this site, they have a neat little explanation on the election maps, how they work, and what they actually look like when you look at the presidential election results on a population cartogram. It’s really rather interesting.

Sticking with the election theme, and summing it up nicely, is Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. Also, Nate Silver and FiveThirtyEight wins.


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