366 Days: Nature’s 2012 In Review

Curiosity_self_portrait2012 has been a big year for science. Of our many accomplishments, we’ve landed Curiosity on Mars, discovered the Higgs boson, and created the Encyclopedia of DNA Elements (ENCODE). Over at Nature, they have compiled a fantastic list of all the major scientific events of 2012.

More examples include: James Cameron‘s dive to the bottom of the Mariana Trench; not-so-faster-than-light neutrinos; Superstorm Sandy and global warming; and anti-GM threat to research.

The whole article is well worth reading and exploring, to see the sheer diversity of events that have occurred this year. Along with the 2012 year in review, Nature also have a striking gallery of some of their best images of the year, and an interactive journey through 2012 in numbers.

It’s been one impressive year for science. Here’s hoping that 2013 can improve on that!


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