Weekly Ramblings – Astronaut Tweets 3D Fireworks Spelling Science

RawwrA new year, a new round of Weekly Ramblings. Let’s see what 2013 brings, shall we? Welcome to Weekly Ramblings number 1 of 2013!

Starting off, we have the time when the internet exploded. Why did it explode? Well, a real astronaut, Commander Chris Hadfield, currently living and working aboard the ISS, had a twitter conversation with a Star Trek Captain, William Shatner. It was glorious (CyberBuzz). Better remove that red shirt soon!

Sticking with a science and science fiction theme, we have the 20 worst science and technology errors in films (Telegraph). It’s by no means an exhaustive list (considering it’s from 2009), but it’s pretty thorough. If Prometheus had been around then, that would definitely be on the list.

3D printing time! Over at MAKE, they have a great list of the best 3D printed objects in 2012. What a list it is! A guitar, a beautiful skull, a snowflake, and a frickin’ TRANSFORMING ROBOT! Just… amazing. 3D printing can only get better this year.

My penultimate weekly rambling is over at Mental Floss, where they talk about 11 weirdly spelled words, and how they got that way. Ranging from thought, knead, and Wednesday, to February, receipt, and asthma, it’s a great little post about the wonders (weirdness?) of the English language.

Finally, fireworks! Everyone loves fireworks. The way smoke in the sky coalesces into bright flames which move together and shrink and shoot to the ground… wait, what? Reverse fireworks are great! 


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