Weekly Ramblings – Quadrocopters

RawwwrWeekly Ramblings time, with a theme! This one is all about quadrocopters.

There will be a bunch of videos after the break. First up, we have a great example of how agile and precise a swarm of quadrocopters can be. Are you ready for the Scalable sWarms of Autonomous Robots and Mobile Sensors

Second video is by the same group of researchers, and shows a bit more creativity. The quadrocopters autonomously play the James Bond theme. It’s amazing!

The third and final video about quadrocopters is something slightly different. For it, we have to head back to the future to discover what it is, but where we’re going, we won’t need roads! That’s right, it’s a fully functional (well, flying) DeLorian! Brilliant. See below for all three videos

Embrace the swarm. Onwards!

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