The Universe

Planck_CMB_UniverseThe Universe has just gotten older.

Ok, maybe that’s not true, but our estimate of the age of the Universe has increased to 13.82 billion years, up from 13.73 billion years. This new estimate is thanks to new results from the Planck Telescope, which observes the Cosmic Microwave Background radiation. As well as being older, its composition has changed slightly, with the percentages of normal matter, dark matter, and dark energy all being slightly altered, to 4.9%, 26.8%, and 68.3%, respectively.

To get more detailed information about these new results, head on over to Bad Astronomy and Nature. Well worth your time to read to learn more about our weird Universe.

Sticking with space, albeit a lot closer to home than the whole Universe, we have news that Voyager 1 has left the Solar System! Or has it? Answer: no, not yet. Despite many attempts, Voyager 1 is still within our Solar System. We think. Whether it has (it hasn’t) or has not left the Solar System, it’s still a mighty long way from Earth, and travelling strong. It’s only a matter of time.


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