Galaxy Size Comparison Chart

Galaxy ChartJust how big is our galaxy, the Milky Way, compared to others?

Not very, actually. Above is a galaxy size comparison chart (by Rhys Taylor), showing, to the same scale, a selection of galaxies that we know about. It’s a visually stunning piece of work, and really shows how huge galaxies can be, as well as how diverse. Click the image to see it in full detail, or head over to for some zoomable images.

If you could pick one galaxy to live in, which would you choose? Onwards!

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6 Responses to Galaxy Size Comparison Chart

  1. Reblogged this on astronomersden and commented:
    This is bloody amazing so i had to share! Brilliant picture.

  2. Thats a great find! I reblogged, hope you don’t mind.

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  5. George Kountouris says:

    Very excellent chart. I tried to find our Milky Way and Andromeda galaxy in order to compare their size with the others.

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