Piracy On Pirates

Game Dev TycoonPirates are responsible for global warming. True fact. Well, maybe not, but what they most certainly are responsible for is the pirating of new technology, be it software, music, films, or, in this case, games.

Greenheart Games recently released a new game called Game Dev Tycoon. As well as releasing the game, they did something rather unique, rather sneaky, and pretty cool: they released a cracked version of their game.

The result? The people who pirated the game had a mirror turned upon them. The premise of the game is pretty much self-explanatory. You are a game development company, and you have to develop and sell games. After a short time playing, people who pirated the game received a message that, due to piracy, their company was going to go bankrupt. This prompted some of the pirates to complain on the forums that piracy was killing their company…

Oh the irony.

The usage stats are impressively depressing to look at too. After one day, over 93% of people had pirated the game, instead of spending a tiny $8 on it. That’s madness. They talk about DRM as well, but I shan’t go into that, as that’s a whole blog’s worth of information by itself.

So, the moral of this post? We need pirates to counter global warming, but piracy is bad for game development. Onwards!

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