Richard Feynman Nanotechnology Lecture

In this lecture, Feynman tries to retell his 1959 lecture from a more modern perspective in that many aspects of his vision have been full filled, particularly with the invention of the electron microscope, the atomic force microscope and experimental manipulation of the atomic scale of matter. Also discussed is the current practical field of photolithography for the manufacture of bipolar transistors and junctions used in computer chips done on an industrial scale and how this process continues with ever decreasing wavelength capabilities of lasers from UV to X-rays. Feynman also discusses the boundaries of miniaturisation and how the scale differences affect the function of certain aspects of technology as well as in nature.” (YouTube)

The wonderful Richard Feynman retelling his famous talk “There’s Plenty of Room at the Bottom“. His knowledge and foresight are incredible. I highly recommend either watching the video above, or going ahead and reading the actual transcript of the talk. 

An incredible man. Onwards! 

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