5 Amazing Things Invented By Donald Duck

Scrooge InceptionYou wouldn’t think of Donald Duck as that much of an inventor and trendsetter, but apparently, he is.

Over at Cracked, they have a great article listing five amazing things invented by Donald Duck (seriously). What are these five things? First up, did you know that Scrooge McDuck did Inception first? The entire plot of Inception was first played out in a 2002 comic book featuring Scrooge McDuck, featuring dreams, totems, falling (the kick), limbo, and dead wives / girlfriends. It’s all there, and it’s all brilliant.

The other four things invented by Donald Duck include the entire opening sequence of Raiders of the Lost Ark, how to raise a sunken ship, discovering a molecule 20 years before science (methylene), and finally, creating manga. Not a bad list of things to be credited with!


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