London In 1927, In Colour

This piece of footage from 1927 in London is truly amazing. It’s one of the earliest pieces of colour film that I know of. Shot by Claude Friese-Greene, it shows how people went about their lives in various areas of London. The music (by Jonquil and Yann Tiersen) complements it well, I feel. 

What I find most fascinating is how similarly everyone dressed, how the traffic and pedestrians flowed across the roads and streets, and the utter lack of skyscrapers. That, and the knowledge everyone you’re seeing in that film has passed away. It’s odd to think that none of them are alive this day (at least, I highly doubt they are). Take for instance the press of (mainly) men in Petticoat Lane. Hundreds of people there, all dressed in a very similar fashion, all now gone. 

It’s a beautiful and eerie piece of film, and highly recommended to watch. Onwards! 

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