Dub FX Feat. Mr Woodnote – Flow

Dub FX feat. Mr Woodnote – Flow.

I find what Dub FX does incredible. Using just his voice, a loop station and effects pedals, he creates such great tunes. I first saw him when I was wondering home from a day spent in town in Brighton. He was playing on the street in the north lanes, and I stopped and listened to him for over an hour. That was about 8 years ago, and I’m still a fan of what he does.

This live performance is especially good, as it has Mr Woodnote playing the saxophone in it. The way the tunes build up layer upon layer, each one complementing the other, coupled with the singing of Dub FX, really makes this music awesome. If you get a chance to catch him live, I’d highly recommend it. Onwards!

Website, Wiki, YouTube.

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