Evolution In Science Fiction

EvolutionEvolution in science fiction is both brilliant and ridiculous in equal measures.

Over at io9, they have two great articles about evolution in science fiction. The first, “The 10 totally awesome rules of evolution in science fiction“, explains exactly what the title suggests; a way that science fiction speeds up the slow process of evolution. This ranges from white ancestors seeding life, to rapid evolution to the next stage, to a single gene causing a massive variety of changes (a la X-Men), to genetically engineered organisms appearing as hot women, to devolution and humans being the pinnacle of evolution.

The second article, “The most ludicrous depictions of evolution in science fiction history“, reads fairly similarly, with it giving 10 ridiculous examples of evolution. Doctor Who and Star Trek are both big offenders, alongside particular comics (Doomsday) and books, and the ever present Planet of the Apes.

You have to love evolution in science fiction. The myriad of explanations they try to give for something so powerful and wonderful as evolution is brilliant. Onwards!

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