Hacking Into The Indian Education System

Spiky GraphWhat happens when you try to hack into the Indian education system?

You discover a whole lot of weirdness and tampering going on. This is what Debarghya Das found when a friend of his asked him to see if he could get the results of the ICSE and ISC early.

There’s a fair bit of (interesting) technical stuff in the post, about poorly written code and how he actually went about (easily) hacking the system. The result of the hacking was that he owned ALL the results of ALL the students in the WHOLE of India. That’s just mental.

Debarghya then plotted graphs of all the mark distributions, and found many anomalies. Many, many anomalies. Despite that fact that hundreds of thousands of students took these tests, there were several marks that NONE of them attained. Half the numbers, 50%, between 35 and 100 were not attained by any students across any subjects. That’s just weird.

Debarghya’s conclusion? The marks were tampered. It’s a shocking revelation, but one that needs to be seen. Have a read of the post; it really is rather fascinating. Onwards!

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