Clouds & Supercells

Is that a cloud or an alien spaceship? It’s an unusual and sometimes dangerous type of thunderstorm cloud called a supercell. Supercells may spawn damaging tornadoshaildownbursts of air, or drenching rain. Or they may just look impressive. A supercell harbours a mesocyclone — a rising column of air surrounded by drafts of falling air. Supercells could occur over many places on Earth but are particularly common in Tornado Alley of the USA. Pictured above are four time lapse sequences of a supercell rotating above and moving across BookerTexas. Captured in the video are new clouds forming near the storm centerdust swirling on the ground, lightning flashing in the upper clouds, all while the impressively sculptured complex rotates ominously. Finally, after a few hours, as shown in the final sequence, dense rain falls as the storm begins to die out.” (APOD)

This is an immense piece of footage of a supercell. Look at that thing! So incredibly impressive and truly breathtaking. I wonder what it would be like at the heart of the storm?

To complement the supercell, here are 23 other fantastic cloud formations that have been captured on camera (memolition). A few are similar to ones I posted about last year, and a few are new. I really like the round bauble-like mammatus clouds, apparently also known as breast or udder clouds.

Now if only this plain white / grey clouds would leave here and give some sun, then summer might truly start. Onwards!

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