What If Superman Punched You?

It’s a simple question: What if Superman punched you?

It’s also a pretty simple answer. Your atoms would literally be punched out of you in a massive nuclear explosion, and you wouldn’t even see the punch coming. It’s an interesting idea to think about, and includes a great deal of physics. Yay science!

With the release of Man of Steel, Superman has come under scrutiny. Whether it be about the religious undertones or the excessive destruction caused in the final fight of the film, people are talking about what Man of Steel and Superman himself mean to them. One of those people is Max Landis (screenwriter for Chronicle), who has already ranted about the Death & Return of Superman, and now talks about Superman, Man of Steel, and other comic book heroes. Another person is Rob Bricken from io9, who amusingly picks apart the plot holes and random silliness of the Man of Steel film. I’ve already posted about what SMBC think would be a good way for Superman to help the Earth.

I actually really enjoyed Man of Steel, and if you’re a fan of super hero movies and blockbusters, you’ll undoubtedly enjoy the film too.

Now where’s the kryptonite when you need it? Onwards!

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