The Pixar Theory

Pixar-productionsPixar have created many truly wonderful films in their time, from Toy Story in 1995 all the way to Monsters University released this year.

Each film seems separate and stands on its own, but what if I were to tell you that all the films exist in the same universe, and all are connected? This is the basis behind the Pixar Theory.

Developed by Jon Negroni, he spent a year untangling the films and creating a plausible reason for them to be interconnected. All 14 films created since (and including) the original Toy Story are involved. 

The first film in the timeline of Jon’s theory is Brave, as that’s set in the dark ages, pre-dating all the other films. Brave is also the final film in the timeline… which gets neatly explained. Jon goes on to talk about how animals got their voice, how AI started, how toys and cars became sentient, governments and corporations, and how monsters came about. Oh, and time travel and witches and love.

It’s a rather convoluted timeline which I can’t summarise without going into detail, so I’ll just say give the whole article a read. It’s well worth a few moments of your time. Onwards! 

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