1190: Time

I’m a big fan of the xkcd webcomics, and the creator behind them, Randall Munroe, outdid himself with an ambitious project simple entitled “Time“. It started out as a simple image, of a stick man and woman sitting together on the ground, with the caption “Wait for it” appearing when you hovered your mouse over the image. 30 minutes later, the image changed. 30 minutes after that, it changed again, and continued to do so for the next week, changing every 30 minutes. Then for the next four months, the image changed every hour.

Throughout this time, the two characters went out on an epic journey of discovery and adventure, exploring new places and meeting new people. Whilst they explored, we travelled alongside them, experiencing a four month long story. It was glorious, epic, emotional, and brilliant. The above time lapse video contains all the scenes (3099 images) connected together.

XKCD #1190, aka “Time” was a project undertaken by Randall Munroe. It started on March 25th 2013, and ended on July 26th 2013, 4 months later. During that time Randall posted at least one new frame an hour, for a total of 3099 frames of animation. It was a fascinating experiment, and an interesting story about an event that has never been witnessed in recorded history.” (YouTube)

When the adventure finally concluded, Randall wrote a blog post explaining what he hoped to achieve with Time, and what was going on. Wired also have a great writeup of the comic. In it, they talk about the science of the comic; the stars, the languages, the geology. It’s well worth reading.

If you followed along with Time, what did you think? If you didn’t, do you wish you had? Onwards!

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