“Dirty Little Secrets” About Industry

RawwwrA few days ago, a Reddit post entitled “What is a “dirty little (or big) secret” about an industry that you have worked in, that people outside the industry really ought to know?” appeared. It’s a shocking, scary, enlightening, depressing, and fascinating read.

It seems no industry is exempt from these secrets, and all have something to hide. A few that particularly struck me as awful include the tearing up of unsold books (instead of donating them to schools / libraries, or recycling them), animal cruelty from those who claim to care most about them, the amount of waste and oil spills that occur in the oceans, wasting money to ensure your budget is balanced correctly, and the utter cluelessness of most people working their jobs, especially politicians.

Oh, and it’s also impossible to crawl through a ventilation shaft. Who knew. Onwards!

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