Watch Dogs Gameplay Demo

A 14-minute gameplay demo of Watch Dogs, showing off the open world gameplay and the many possible options of interacting with the world, along with some seamless multiplayer action thrown in.

It looks rather incredible, with the only odd bit about it the way you open doors (with your entire body / face). I’m really intrigued as to how large and open the game is. I like the fact you have to hack into the CtOS nodes to gain access to the surrounding area. Reminds me a lot of synchronising with view points in Assassin’s Creed (unsurprising really, considering both games are made by Ubisoft).

I’m also a fan of the morality system in the game. With all this hacking power, what will you decide is right or wrong? Over at Kill Screen, they have a decent article on whether Watch Dogs is a fantasy, a nightmare, or a reality. Who is in control of surveillance? Who watches the watchers?

Below the break is another Watch Dogs video which talks about the use of hacking as a weapon. If you had this power, would choices would you make? Onwards! 

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