Weekly Ramblings – Citizenship, Censorship, Colours, and Coffee

RawwwrIt’s been a while, but here is another dose of Weekly Ramblings!

First up, why don’t you take the Internal Citizenship test? “The principle of the test is simple: as a result of the test, you get a virtual ‘passport’ of the country, whose citizens have answered the questions as well as you do. This is a good opportunity to test your own identity , compare your sense of self with the consciousness of Europeans from different countries.” I’ve tried it a few times, and keep ending up with either Sweden or Denmark. What do you get?

Next up, colours! We know the names of a vast range of colours, but I’m guessing you haven’t heard of the 11 on this list (Mental Floss). Ranging from amaranth to xanadu, both the colours and the names are cool.

Something sad and depressing now: censorship, freedom of expression, and taking offence. All at a university campus. I urge you to read about what happened at LSE last week, concerning the LSE student union (SU) and the Atheist society during Freshers’ Fair. It’s a shocking and hypocritical stance taken by the LSE SU, with really no excuse. However, because of ‘religion’, they’re seemingly allowed to get away with what they want. Scandalous.

I’ll finish with something to lighten the mood. Or petrify you. One or the other. Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise! Do stay till the end… 


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