MoocdemicMoocdemic is a location-based simulation game of a real world epidemic, best played on a mobile device. This massive open online epidemic game will engage players to detect, spread, and ultimately control a virtual infectious disease.

“The game is being run in parallel with a Coursera MOOC (massive open online course) entitled: Epidemics – The Dynamics of Infectious Diseases. Although they are being run in parallel, neither requires participation in the other to advance. The MOOCDEMIC game can be played without participating in the online course and vice versa, but in our completely unbiased view, you should totally sign up for the course – it’s absolutely free and you won’t regret it. 

The thing is, knowing how epidemics unfold might be helpful in the game. And the game will be using actual concepts and terms from epidemiology, which will hopefully help cement ideas in place from the course.” (Moocdemic – About)

The Epidemics – The Dynamics of Infectious Diseases course starts today. I’ve signed up to it, and am looking forward to delving into the world of epidemics. I’ll also make sure to constantly check Moocdemic, to see if any infected cases pop up nearby where I live. So far, all is clear. But will that last long?


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