That’s Not How You Pipette

Not How You PipettePipetting correctly is a fine art, and an essential skill for any scientific researcher. Pretty much any science undergrad should be able to show you how to use a pipette correctly (although there are always some who have no idea…), but it’s amazing how films and TV shows get this little detail wrong.

That’s where “That’s Not How You Pipette” comes in. It’s a brilliant Tumblr of bad pipetting. Very, very bad pipetting. It ranges from holding the pipette incorrectly (like in the image above), to tipping the pipette upside down whilst liquid is in the tip (no no no!), to mouth pipetting (definitely not wise), to not even using a pipette tip at all (what are they hoping to accomplish?).

Below is a video on Pipetting 101, which provides a brief outline of different types of pipettes, and how to pipette correctly. It’s worth watching, just to see how badly films and TV shows can get it. Onwards!

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