12 Explosions Of Christmas With Greg Foot

Science Daredevil Greg Foot and qualified Pyrotechnician Mike Sansom present THE 12 EXPLOSIONS OF CHRISTMAS!

Set to specially adapted lyrics sung by the angelic New London Children’s Choir, Greg and Mike rig up 12 incredible explosions with fireworks, flames, blasts, booms and bangs! With awesome slow mo and stunning shots it’s a festive feast for the senses.

Fancy singing along? Here are the lyrics:

On the twelfth day of Christmas, two science guys gave to me…
12 mince pies a’popping
11 baubles blazing
10 stockings spontaneously combusting
9 reindeers a’rocketing
8 brussels sprouts cannons firing
7 bags of chestnuts roasting
6 presents exploding
5 Santas… on… fire…
4 flaming puds
3 cracking crackers
2 melting snowmen
And an eeeeeeee-pic firework tree!” (YouTube)

This is a brilliant, funny, and explosive video of explosions set to the 12 Days of Christmas carol. At the end of the video are links to how they did each of the 12 explosions, along with many DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME warnings!

Which was your favourite explosion? Onwards!

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