365 Days: Nature’s 2013 In Review

shadow-saturnNature have once again released their review of the year. Last year was pretty good for science, and 2013 continued that trend, albeit with a few bumps along the way.

Shutdowns, lethal viruses, typhoons and meteorites — much of this year’s science news seemed to come straight from the set of a Hollywood disaster movie. But there were plenty of feel-good moments, too. Space exploration hit a new high, cash poured in to investigate that most cryptic of human organs, the brain, and huge leaps were made in stem-cell therapies and the treatment of HIV. Here, captured in soundbites, statistics and summaries, is everything you need to know about the science that mattered in 2013.” (Nature)

Along with this review, they have a list of the 10 people who mattered this year, from all fields of science. They also have their most striking images of 2013, which are truly exceptional. Plus, it gives me another excuse to show the phenomenal image of Saturn once again!

What is your highlight of 2013? Onwards, to a new year of science!

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