The Internet Map

Internet MapWhat would a map of the internet look like?

An interesting question, and one which is possibly answered over at The Internet Map. “The Internet map is a bi-dimensional presentation of links between websites on the Internet. Every site is a circle on the map, and its size is determined by website traffic, the larger the amount of traffic, the bigger the circle. Users’ switching between websites forms links, and the stronger the link, the closer the websites tend to arrange themselves to each other.” (The Internet Map – About)

You can search for specific websites, or just browse about and see how each major (and minor, if you zoom in enough) website relates to other ones. It’s a beautiful map to look at and explore.

What’s incredible is that nearly 50% of global internet users visit, making it the most visited website of all (followed by Facebook, YouTube, and Yahoo. Wikipedia is number 6 in the world, Twitter is ranked  at number 11, and WordPress at number 18). To accommodate that insane amount of traffic, Google’s data centres have to run extremely efficiently. If you take a glimpse inside them, you’ll see some awesome colour coordination going on!

A beautiful map for the beauty of the internet. Onwards!

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