Vaccines Don’t Cause Autism

There is almost no topic in health and health policy that immediately polarizes people more than the idea that vaccines cause autism. Even though the original big paper on this topic came out at the end of the last century, the anger this causes is still raw and potent. But there is a very, very large amount of research showing that vaccines and autism are unrelated.” (YouTube)

An excellent video by Healthcare Triage detailing the timeline and evidence of the MMR vaccine and autism scare. It’s incredible to think how just a single paper (now retracted due to fraud) has caused such a massive uproar, as well as fear, over vaccines. This paper is also greatly responsible for the surge in vaccine-preventable outbreaks worldwide,  putting huge pressure on our healthcare systems, in both time and money.

Who would you believe? The parents of 8 children (paid for) in a single fraudulent paper, or scientific papers looking at about 14.7 million children over many years?

It’s a simple choice. Vaccines do NOT cause autism. Get vaccinated, get safe. Onwards.

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