Answers For Creationists

scientist1After the recent Bill Nye / Ken Ham debate about evolution / creationism, BuzzFeed got 22 creationists to pose questions or comments towards “the other side”, aka people who understand in the Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection.

These are typical comments that creationists think are clever and will stump evolutionists. Turns out, they are all pretty solidly answerable, as demonstrated by Adam Rutherford over at The Guardian, and Phil Plait (The Bad Astronomer) over at Slate.

I love the answers that Adam and Phil provide. Adam’s are more humourous, but with plenty of science in there, whilst Phil’s focus more on providing the scientific evidence. I always find it amusing / sad how religious people say that without religion, without “God”, there is no meaning to life. It’s depressing that they need a divine creator to give them rules so they keep in check… take away God, and they would all suddenly go on a mass killing spree.

I probably could write more on the madness of religion and creationism, but it annoys me too much. Have fun reading Adam’s and Phil’s responses to these 22 “questions”. Onwards!

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