Three Years

RawwwrAnother year of ramblings has gone by. Richer Ramblings is three years old today!

That’s a bit mental. I’ve been posting (nearly) every day for three whole years. What I find even more crazy is that some people actually read my posts! Or at least, skim over them. Briefly. Anyway, we all love statistics, so here are some for anyone who’s interested:

  • 1,085 posts
  • 4,626 tags

My top three posts haven’t changed since last year, so zombies, death, and money are still relevant to people, apparently. I’ve added a teensy bit of structure to the blog, with music appearing every Wednesday and Saturday. The rest of the days… I hope I’ve achieved a good mix of scintillating science, random ramblings, and the odd gaming post here and there. This blog has very much become a place where I can post things that I find interesting, and I hope you do too.

Thank you to all my readers, you are all wonderful. Here’s to the future. Onwards!

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