Pi Day – March 14th

pi_symbolIt’s that special time of year again. It’s Pi Day! To celebrate, here are a few interesting bits and pieces related to this day.

First up, Alex Bellos, resident mathematician at the Guardian, has two really interesting articles on Pi. The first is a celebration of the works of Mike Keith, who is the grandmaster at writing in Pilish. He has written a book entirely in Pilish, entitled: “Not A WakeA Dream Embodying π’s Digits Fully For 10000 Decimals“. He has also created a new form of haiku, termed a piku, which is pretty cool. The article also explores how some literary masterpieces unknowingly contain examples of Pilish. These include examples from Shakespeare, Jane Austen, and Moby Dick.

The second article follows on from the first, but in a much more visual format. It gives examples of pi shown as pictures, and they’re really beautiful to look at. There are several computer-generated images of the number pi, all of which are haphazardly random. However, this doesn’t take away from the beauty of them!

Pi in the skyNext up, Pi in the Sky! This event happened a couple of years ago, but is awesome nonetheless. “The installation featured planes flying through the San Francisco Bay Area skies, using dot matrix printer technology to write out the first 1,000 digits of the number Pi.” (Open Culture). I would have loved to see that happening at the time. In the video at the end of the article, the reaction from the onlookers is hilarious, as they have no idea what is happening.

To finish off, we have a video and a song (both viewable after the break). The video, Pi and Four Fingers, by Numberphile, has Simon Singh talking about Pi, four fingers, and maths in The Simpsons. Apparently, Apu knows pi up to the 40,000th digit, which is the number 1. That’s… a good memory. The song is by Suman Biswas, and is entitled 3.141592. It’s short, sweet, and fantastic. Check out both the video and the song below the break.

Happy Pi Day! Onwards! 

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