#JennyAsks; The Internet Wins

scientist1What would you answer to the simple question of: “What is the most important personality trait you look for in a mate?”

Perhaps humour? Generosity? Easy-going-ness? There are many sensible ways to answer that question. However, when the asker is Jenny McCarthy, an outspoken anti-vaxxer, the answers she got (using the hashtag #JennyAsks) were something entirely different… and amazing.

The vast majority of people who answered (Bad Astronomy and LA Times) said something along the lines of “science literacy, critical thinking skills, and vaccinating themselves and their kids”. Yep, vaccines. They are one of the greatest, if not the greatest, contributors to improving the health of the public, and eradicating deadly diseases. And yet, because of anti-vaxxers like Jenny McCarthy, vaccine-preventable outbreaks are returning.

So thank you internet for attempting to teach Jenny (although I fear your efforts will all be for nought), and for providing some hilarious reading. Onwards!

PS: vaccinate yourself and your kids.

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