Sand Creatures

BullWhat do you get when you throw sand into the air and capture the image using a high speed camera?

Sand creatures. That’s what you get. This is precisely what Claire Droppert has done. She threw clumps of wet sand into the air and captured the resulting creature on camera. The results are pretty cool to observe!

What’s even cooler though is sand itself. Not the everyday sand that we see with the naked eye; but sand viewed under a microscope. This is what Dr. Gary Greenberg has achieved, taking images of sand from different regions in the world. He even took some microscopic images of sand from outer space! You get some truly beautiful shapes and colours and forms. Dr. Gary Greenberg gave a TEDxMaui talk in 2012, which you can see below the break.

Be sure to clean the sand off you when you enter the house. Onwards!

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