10 Persistent Cancer Myths Debunked

10 cancer myths debunkedThere are many, many, many myths surrounding cancer. Just doing a quick internet search gives you a flurry of websites all claiming to be able to cure cancer. The vast majority are either wildly inaccurate or dangerously misleading, causing more harm than good.

That is where Cancer Research UK comes in. They’ve compiled a list of the 10 most frequently encountered myths about cancer, and debunked them using solid scientific evidence. The 10 myths are (along with a very brief main reason why they’re rubbish):

  • Myth 1: Cancer is a man-made, modern disease (biggest risk factor for cancer is age)
  • Myth 2: Superfoods prevent cancer (no such thing as superfoods; healthy living is best)
  • Myth 3: ‘Acidic’ diets cause cancer (diet can’t manipulate whole body pH)
  • Myth 4: Cancer has a sweet tooth (all cells need glucose; healthy diet important)
  • Myth 5: Cancer is a fungus – and sodium bicarbonate is the cure (no it isn’t)
  • Myth 6: There’s a miracle cancer cure… (no there isn’t)
  • Myth 7: …And Big Pharma are suppressing it (no they aren’t)
  • Myth 8: Cancer treatment kills more than it cures (no it doesn’t)
  • Myth 9: We’ve made no progress in fighting cancer (yes we have)
  • Myth 10: Sharks don’t get cancer (yes they do)

For each point, they provide a wealth of information and further links to debunk the myth. It’s vital reading for everyone, and I highly suggest you do. Onwards!

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