Hungry Planet

Hungry PlanetIt’s fascinating what different people in different cultures around the world eat in a week. The variety of food stuffs consumed in various parts of the world, as well as how much a week’s worth of food costs, is incredible. A wealth of images can be found over at ViralNova, with the original set found here, taken from the book Hungry Planet.

When you compare the differences between affluent countries and those living in poorer areas, you can really see the contrast. Rich countries spend on average between $250-350 per week, whilst the poorer regions spend less than $100, with the family in Chad spending only $1.26 per week on food. Compare that to the highest spending family in Norway, who spend a whopping $731 per week on groceries. That’s just crazy.

It’s an interesting set of photographs, and really highlights the inequality in the world we live in today, despite how connected we all. Onwards.

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