scientist1I guess it all started with an idea, as all human actions do. What that idea was is pure speculation. But there is an artefact. A sculpture. From 40,000 years ago, that seems to show an idea, an act of imagination. Perhaps the earliest record of imagination we have. It is an ivory carving, carved out of a single tusk. Of what looks like a man. Or woman. With a lion’s head.

The direct representation of something seen in the world can be imaginative, but is not necessarily imaginative. To create something, by combining two images from the world, that otherwise would never be seen… that is, by its very nature, an act of imagination. By taking this feared subject, the strength, the raw power of the lion, and giving it to an imagined person. And once created, the idea persisted.

The history of my genetic code, as a human, is entwined with the idea of this fusion of different organisms, but only in the past 500 years has that idea become real. And led to me, here, now, in 2476, being alive to tell you this.

Helix is a story about DNA, its history, discovery and evolution, and what the future of DNA brings.” (Helix)

Helix is an interesting, slightly obscure, little tale about DNA and genetic manipulation, how we will all become chimeras and collages of different attributes. We have evolved over time, and our ideas have evolved alongside us.

I hope we continue evolving. Onwards!

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