Love Letter To Food

A short love letter to food, with a plea to stop wasting so much of it. We as humans are an incredibly wasteful society, with around half of all food wasted. I know that I have been guilty of wasting food, but I’m trying to become less wasteful and only prepare food that I know I will be able to eat.

And you should try as well. Onwards!

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One Response to Love Letter To Food

  1. shelldigger says:

    You should see how much gets thrown out at grocery stores. If they would manage better, and lower the cost for these foods, they might get sold before they go bad. I suppose that the product loss is calculated into the retail price. So they don’t care about the dumpsters full of bad veggies.

    Instead of letting this stuff go to the dump why not donate it just prior to it becoming unusable? I am sure there are many that could benefit, but what the hell do I know? I’m not sure I want to know what the butcher is doing back there behind closed doors. Hamburger scares me, but we still buy it.

    What waste we have here at home is at least tried to be kept at a minimum, for that which does get thrown out, it goes to the chickens. So as food goes, we have little that actually goes into the trash.

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