2048: Strategy, Maths, & Iron

Steve Mould and James Grime give you the rundown of 2048. They explain how to play the game, provide you with a few hints and tips on how to beat it, as well as provide you with a wealth of alternate versions of the game. They also detail the maths behind the game, which is rather interesting.

One of the versions that they missed in the video is called Fe[26]. This is… hard. You have to reach the Fe[56] tile, or the Iron tile. It’s different to the 2048 game, in that different tiles can fuse together to create new elements. Certain elements also decay down to previous elements, adding yet another level of complexity to the game. It’s a challenge!

Since I discovered the game, I’ve managed to get the 2048 tile, with a best score of 25,816. Not bad, I think! Now to get the 4096 tile… Onwards!

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One Response to 2048: Strategy, Maths, & Iron

  1. I’m aiming for a higher tile number, too! Have you heard that the highest possible tile score is 16384?
    Here’s my personal 2048 journey in 3 minutes: http://bit.ly/1rVNVIU

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