Dub FX Workshop: The Art Of Looping

The Art of Looping is a fascinating insight into the life of Dub FX. In it, he talks about his life, how he developed his art, his career, street performing, his instruments, connecting with his audience, and his love for music. He even gives a small demonstration as well, coupled with a Q&A towards the end.

As one of the world’s leading and most successful beatbox artists, DubFX is well positioned to share from his many lessons on dealing with the music industry, touring & selling albums, defining your personal musical mission and of course – MAKING SICK BEATS. When he recently visited Victoria BC as part of our Skafest celebrations, he covered all this and more. We are happy to share with you “Street Wise: The Art of Looping”!” (YouTube)

I’m a big fan of his work, as I’ve mentioned before. I find his view of music refreshing, and his honesty and passion for music is infectious. Well worth listening to if you’re at all interested in beatboxing, the music industry, or the life of a street performer. Onwards!

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