Leon Vanstone – Science Is Not Magic

Winner of FameLab, PhD Hypersonics Leon is a rocket scientist; he researches how air flows over things at several kilometres a second. This really only applies to rockets, re-entry vehicles, a few missiles and a plane or two. Missiles aren’t really his thing but Leon thinks the rest is awesome. Leon believes science communication is as important as the science itself. In many aspect of life science is becoming an ever growing authority, with scientific facts winning arguments and driving government policy. This has given science (and scientists) a new position within society, with many looking to us for answers. Leon doesn’t think this is a position in society that science ever really wanted. He knows it is not one he asked for and it’s a position that he believes science isn’t quite ready for. This is why science communication is so important. If people want a say in the world science is creating for them tomorrow, we need to be talking about it today.” (YouTube)

Leon makes a very good point about time. Scientists put a lot of time into their work, and rely on the enormous amount of time put in by previous scientists.

Science is time. Onwards!

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